SYKE – Dundee Graffiti Artist


Syke (Symon Mathieson) Dundee Graffiti

Second time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph my favourite graffiti artist from Dundee.  Absolutely love his work!

Perth Jam: from August 2016

Symon is  available for commissioned artwork previous work includes Tannadice, Dens Park, Pleasureland and Jumping Joeys amongst other.

Also graffiti art on canvasses, commissioned murals, bedrooms, nightclubs, feel free to ask any question – email:
Not only limited to graffiti art – stencil work – any many others.

This Week Photo Shoot


Georgina Harris

(Mandi Candi Boutique)

This week I worked with Georgina @Mandi Candi Boutique the day shoot was shoot in Dundee at the rear of Hard Grind barbers.  The shoot was for the new range of vintage pinafores that are now in stock at Mandi Candi Boutique together with remade mini skirts and remade bomber jackets that are a amazing !!!

John Beattie

On Saturday morning I photographed John Beattie who is taking part in a charity boxing event in Dundee, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  The boxing bout will be in October 2016 and I photographed him just before he registered himself at Skyaxe Kickboxing. and just before the weather changed from a great sunny morning  to a down pour of rain!

Great guy and was a pleasure working with him.  His Fundraising Just Give Page is up and any donations are welcome for such a great cause! Check it out !

Broughty Ferry (the jewel in Dundee’s crown)

The rise of Broughty Ferry from a small fishing hamlet to a modern, fashionable and well-appointed town began in the first half of the nineteenth century, and was due originally to visitors and holidaymakers, who came during the summer season for the healthy benefits of sea bathing.

With the opening of the Dundee and Arbroath Railway in 1838 the development of Broughty Ferry became very rapid and many people with businesses in Dundee found it far more healthier and desirable to live in Broughty Ferry than in Dundee with its many factory chimneys belching smoke. Although Broughty Ferry had no industries of outstanding importance, except for the fishing boats, the village had by the year 1863 become so populous (3500), that the com­munity considered that the time had come to form it into an independent burgh under the ” General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1862.”

My favourite area for me is the picturesque Barnhill Rock Garden which is open to the public for free and is a tranquil environment with plenty of wildlife. It is a perfect environment for taking your camera out with you on your visit, hitting that Macro setting for a few hours and coming home knowing you have captured something special.

Broughty Ferry Blank Cards

These 4 design Blank cards are available from me next week 6th August for a limited time period. £2.30 + P&P.

Approximately: 5×5 Black White Card with square gloss photo image & Envelope.


Dundee Dragon


Although Dundee has it’s fair share myths and legends, the tale of the Dundee dragon and the Nine Maidens of Pitempten is one of the most enduring.

A carved Pict symbol stone 400 A.D. to 850 A.D, near Bridgefoot, Angus, Scotland marks the spot where the dragon was allegedly slain. The legend states that the farmer at Pitempton had nine daughters, and one day he sent one to the well for water. When she did not return, he sent another, and so on until all nine were missing.

When he investigated he found their mangled remains along with a great serpent or dragon. On rousing the countryside, a young man named Martin. lover of one of his daughters, attacked the dragon and eventually slew it.

A rhyme recalling Martin’s killing of the Dundee dragon

“Tempted at Pitempton,
Draigled at Baldragon,
Stricken at Strathmartin,
And kill’d at Martin’s Stane.”

Long, long ago, the farmer of Pitempan had nine pretty daughters.

One day their father thirsted for a drink from his favourite well, which was in a marsh at a short distance from the house.

The fairest of the nine eagerly obeyed her father’s wish by running to the spring.

Not returning within a reasonable time, a second went in quest of her sister.

She too tarried so longthat another volunteered, when the same result happened to her and to five other sisters in succession.

At last the ninth sister went to the spring, and there,to her horror, beheld, among the bulrushes, the dead bodies of her sisters guarded by a dragon! Before she was able to escape, she too fell into the
grasp of the monster, but not until her cries had brought people to the spot.

Amongst these was her lover, named Martin, who, after a long struggle with the dragon, which was carried on from Pitempan to Balkello, succeeded in conquering the monster.

It is told that Martin’s sweetheart died from injuries or fright; and the legend adds that, in consequence of this tragedy, the spring at Pitempan was named the Nine Maiden Well, and the sculptured stone at Strathmartin, also St Martin’s Stane at Balkello, were erected by the inhabitants to commemorate the event.”

Bishop David de Bernham dedicated a church to St Martin on 18th May 1249.

Written by 

Photograph Robert France Photography

Polly Hanna


One of my favourite images from a recent photo shoot with the lovely Polly.  Polly has been modelling for me for a number of years, we have a great friendship together and it is a pleasure when we meet up, this recent shoot was done on a dull rainy sunday morning at Meadowmill Studios, Dundee.